The Dems kid gloves treatment of Biden and his obvious decline proves hes the baby-in-chief

You know that Joe Biden is beyond salvation by the infantilizing language used by the people around him. “Big Boy press conference” is how White House press secretaries John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre have repeatedly described the president’s rendezvous with the restive media Thursday. It’s hard to think of a phrase more condescending than “Big Boy” when referring to the 81-year-old commander-in-chief. Despite their lies and coverup of Biden’s cognitive decline, those who know the president best are inadvertently signaling to us what bad shape he is in.They use the same language and tone of voice that carers use with elderly dementia patients. It was a similar vibe when Jill Biden grabbed a microphone at the post-debate party and patronized her husband as if he were a potty-training toddler. “Joe! You did such a good job!” she gushed at him in a loud sing song voice.

“You answered every question!” Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi adopted the same infantilizing language Wednesday when she appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to extravagantly praise the president for his “spectacular” performance at the NATO summit, knowing he would be watching his favorite TV show. “I’m very proud of the president,” she said. Really? He read a short speech off a teleprompter. It’s an insulting, demoralizing way to speak to an adult, but baby talk is an automatic human response when confronted by an elderly person in cognitive decline. I worked in a nursing home one summer, and it was instinctive to treat the residents with dementia like babies, switching to simplistic vocabulary, speaking slowly or at a higher pitch. You were helping them with basic functions, like showering, toileting and feeding, and it felt kinder to speak patiently as if they were children. The babying tone creeps into your voice without you realizing.It’s well-meaning but it also serves as a psychological distancing mechanism to help a carer deal with baffl...

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