Dear Abby: Should I confront my guests about my misplaced panties?

DEAR ABBY: We invited a couple for a short visit to our remote country cabin.Afterward, I discovered a pair of pink panties lying on the road in front of our mailbox.

When I picked them up with a stick to carry to the trash, I realized they were a pair of clean pink panties I had misplaced.They must have stuck to the sheets I had placed on the bed immediately before our guests arrived. Now I can’t stop wondering what this couple must have been thinking when they tossed the panties.

This may not seem like a serious issue, but it has become a source of embarrassment for me every time I meet these folks.Should I explain the panty situation or let it go? — RED-FACED IN SOUTH CAROLINADEAR RED-FACED: Don’t get your panties in a twist.

The next time you encounter the couple, ask if they have encountered a pair of pink panties that you misplaced around the time they came to visit.DEAR ABBY: I was watching a police video on the internet, and I spotted the woman who lives in the apartment next door.I know it’s her because of the prominent tattoo on her chest.

She was being arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. She went ballistic on the cops.First, she screamed and fought back.

Next, she sagged and started sobbing at the top of her lungs.Then she started laughing maniacally.

I’m afraid to live next to her now.Should I show the video to the apartment manager and ask that she be removed? — SCARED IN OKLAHOMADEAR SCARED: Although the police video was understandably upsetting, I am not sure that showing it to the building manager would be enough to have the woman evicted.

It might, however, be a valid reason for you to move out of the building.If you are truly fearful, consult an attorney who specializes in real estate law who can advise you on possibly breaking your lease.DEAR ABBY: My wife and I are considering a move to another state to be close to our son and his family.

Here’s our dilemma: We have four lifelong friends who are respected and succes...

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