William Shatner doesnt watch Star Trek, says hes seen as few as possible

At 93 years old, William Shatner continues to surprise us.In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 93-year-old actor — who portrayed Capt.James T.

Kirk on the original “Star Trek” TV series from 1966 to 1969, and reprised the role in various films — revealed he’s actually only seen a “few” episodes of his work and has “never seen” any of the spinoffs. “I’m gonna tell you something that nobody knows.I’ve never seen another ‘Star Trek’ and I’ve seen as few ‘Star Treks’ of the show I was on, I’ve seen as few as possible,” he said.

“I don’t like to look at myself, and I’ve never seen any other.I love it, I think it’s great.

I just don’t, you know, I don’t watch television, per se.”“I’m watching documentaries, I’m watching the news, I’m watching sports, I’m watching things that were, documentaries that were made, but I don’t watch television for some reason,” he added.“I’ve been urged to watch certain shows by my family, ‘You’ll love this,’ and I just never get around to it.”In May, while promoting his documentary “You Can Call Me Bill,” Shatner told The Canadian Press it’d be “an intriguing idea” to reprise Captain Kirk today. “It’s almost impossible, but it was a great role and so well written and if there were a reason to be there, not just to make a cameo appearance, but if there were a genuine reason for the character appearing, I might consider it,” he said.Although his character was killed off in his last appearance in the 1994 film “Star Trek: Generations,” the actor had a pitch for a way to bring Kirk back.“A company that wants to freeze my body and my brain for the future might be a way of going about it,” he told The Canadian Press.

“‘We’ve got Captain Kirk’s brain frozen here.’ There’s a scenario.‘Let’s see if we can bring back a little bit of this, a little salt, a little pepper.

Oh, look at that.Here comes Captain Kirk!�...

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